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CCFS: Coffee Bags

The Cumberland Community Forest Society (CCFS) is dedicated to purchasing the lands surrounding the village of Cumberland and returning them to the community and restoring the commons. To date they have raised the money to purchased over 72 hectares (since 2005) through community engagement and fundraising campaigns.

CCFS ask us to design the graphics/labels for one of their campaigns, selling locally roasted coffee. The packaging was going to be compostable bags, which we loved the idea, but thought we could take it a step further than just sticking a label on it. We suggested that we could develop a screen-printing ink made of used coffee grounds that would make the entire package biodegradable. After a lot of trial & error, we came up with a mixture that works, and printed all the bags ourselves to ensure quality & consistency.

See more about the process in our blog.

Illustration, Packaging

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