A designer & photographer who bring the perfect creative team together for every job.

Before starting the creative process, we listen to what you want, so we can best give you what you need.


Our goal is to build trust and develop long-lasting relationships so that each project is efficient and effective.

ROAM is committed to producing memorable print & web design solutions. As a full-service creative studio, we can help you reach your marketing objectives from a project’s start to finish, and all the places in between.

ROAM is an acronym for Rivers, Oceans And Mountains.
We wanted our name to reflect our passion for the outdoor playground we all share. In all we do, we strive to promote, protect & preserve the environment.



ROAM is the combined experience & talent of Jenn Dykstra & Ian Adams


In 2014, Jenn emailed Ian about designing for a magazine she had in mind. They were so in tune about the potential of the project, they decided to join forces.

Together they created the CV Collective, a lifestyle magazine covering arts, culture, sport and recreation. This locally minded publication has an island outlook and celebrates the best the region has to offer. It was a huge success.

Having worked with and connected the diverse and abundant talent for the magazine, they realized that their combined skills, as well as those of the people they brought together, meant ROAM could be a full-service studio.

They continue to grow the team, skills, and services ROAM offers. And the magazine is still going strong.

After the success of the magazine, Jenn & Ian expanded the company into a full-service studio, where they continued to grow the team, skills and services ROAM can offer.



Working behind the camera and behind the desk gives her an eye on the important things.

We could talk about her years in tourism and recreation as a campaign and event manager, or how she oversees ROAM’s business development, but her real skill is bringing talented people together to create the best work possible. And of course her incredible photographs.

Her outdoor passions help her to thrill and inspire ROAM’s clients by showcasing people and places in a stunning way, and for precisely who they are.

Jenn’s relationships and her work are shaped by her desire to make the most out of life.



Combining traditional techniques with modern mediums.

Ian understands print and web equally, giving him the knowledge and practical experience to provide ROAM’s clients with everything they need, from concept to completion. His degree, work at a design agency in Vancouver, an intimate knowledge (combined with active promotion) of the Comox Valley business community, gives ROAM a unique advantage.

Of his work, volunteer, and treasured family life, Ian says, “No two days are ever the same, and that’s how I like it.


It’s a bit challenging to explain everything we offer, but we’ve given it a go.

We’d like to let our work speak for us.

We are the proud owners & creators of the CV Collective, a lifestyle magazine showcasing art, culture, sport & adventure in the Comox Valley and surrounding area.

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