Moutcha Bay Musings

Oh baby, I like the rawness of my palms as they hang on for dear life. I feel the endorphins flowing through my veins as I white knuckle it to paradise. My truck, a 2014 Honda Pilot (otherwise known to my kids as the “party wagon”), is stripped of its parental responsibilities and is fishtailing around gravel corners, hitting the washboard of a well-weathered road, leaving an erratic trail of dust behind. I am off to the unknown: Moutcha Bay in Nootka Sound.

It’s our annual staff retreat—a chance for our team and partners to unwind, debrief on the past and plan for the future. This year, we stayed at the remote Moutcha Bay Resort.

I arrived shortly after 1 p.m. I take a swig from my Nalgene, wipe my face with the back of my hand, put my keys in my fanny pack, and for the first time, take in my surroundings.

It is stunning. But then again, isn’t almost everything on this Island?

As I open the trunk to retrieve my overnight bag, a yoga mat and books tumble onto the ground. Little did I know that none of these items would actually be used during my stay.

Instead, team-building was in order, beginning with a caffeine injection at Coal Creek Roasters in Tahsis. Caught off guard by the hoard of tourists (all 11 of us), the owner, Jan, greeted us with grace and decorum as she toured us around her facility, providing us with the most luscious treats.

The next mission was cold water immersion therapy—great for the soul and circulation. First on the list was the ever-elusive river swing for some good ol’ fashioned dangerous fun. Hot tip: I find it’s best to catapult oneself into frigid glacier water. Although I don’t consider myself much of a daredevil, I’ll risk heart failure from shock any day. Walking in slowly is simply torturous. (Famous last words from a 42-year-old mother of three.)

The “Tree to See” drive is teeming with beautiful, tucked-away swimming holes. The next one we came upon was complete with rock shelves for performing imperfect dives and perfect cannonballs. The exhilarating chill of the crystal river water further enhanced the feeling of adventure, thrill, and camaraderie. We were roaming free in the wilderness and it felt euphoric.

Back at the Resort, our accommodation (a cluster of yurts with a main lodge) overlooks the waters of Nootka Sound. This calm inlet is a beautiful spot for paddle boarding, kayaking, and more swimming. It’s also the portal to some of the most celebrated fishing worldwide.

I could go on with this frivolous tale and tell you about our Borealis mixtape sessions (which you can listen to below) and Gord Downey filling my mind with visions of constellations. But then my nostalgia might get the best of me ….

So, to the roamer in all of us, until the next es-ca-pade
We’ll have a good time
Leave your worries behind ….

Janet Jackson?
Rhythm Nation 1814?
Were you born yet?
No? Okay, byeeee.